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Women, Children, and Plants An Exercise In Patience

I just finished washing and spinning this kale and was weighing it before slicing it to be prepared for my famous simple green side dish at Drop Squad Kitchen. It is amazing what working with nature will do to you. Thank you to Sahr Abu who does this for us daily. It is surely a deep meditation always. I can only imagine the creative thought process Sahr has while doing this for us day in and day out. Simple things like growing your own plants and tending to them on a daily basis: picking them, sorting through them, washing them, drying them, storing them, cutting them, seasoning them, massaging them, serving them, sometimes cooking them, and serving them is an exercise in patience.

All of our scriptures, verbal and non-verbal, exemplify vineyards, or point to reaping and sowing and harvesting. Myself, growing and harvesting 6 plant based companies: (Abundance Child Trading, ACOA, Order Mother Earth, Girl Society, and Drop Squad Kitchen), all driven by plant based products, is like growing children. Also, this applies to anything else of value in life like your relationship to nature, yourself, your family, or your business. I work with women, children, and plants to perfect my patience.

Every time the basil or mint is ready to be picked, I am tortured by the cleansing and storing process. When we receive a new case(s) of kale or cilantro I am horrified. How will these precious plants turn out? Will they grow up to be a #MarleySalad? Are they too bitter to become #SimpleGreens™? Mother usually knows, and our children usually survive us.

I remember how I felt when I played Barbies with my big Barbie house. I had a vision of dominions then. I knew I wanted children who adored nature, know God, play outside, and read books like people watch television, love music, movies, and learning, and ate what I served them from our backyard.

Then I had a “Pisces load” of ideas that turned into many companies:  a child of abundance, two natural births (2 lost), and a host of God children. These little homies just want to eat my food no matter where it comes from (trust is a beautiful thing), and just want to be in my presence and on their IPhones. During my childhood creation of this story, there were no thoughts of the state taking my children from me or neighborhood kids hitting them in the face with concrete. I also never imagined finding so many bugs in kale and lettuce after you have thoroughly washed it.

I was a young determined mama though. I listened to my elders, Mama Orah, Sahuel, Carlene, and Tasilli when they told me a mother is what I was intended to be. I went with them to Sapelo Islands and ate only raw with my first child, and now her body feels and shows it when she eats anything else. I read to her from the womb and now she knows everything I read to her on instinct. By the time I had my youngest, I was a seasoned 28. She is homeschooled like her sister to date.

It’s been 20 years and nature has forced me to stick to my long term vision of the Dominions of Amexem. I have made my home our business and filled it with feng shui principles, life learning, and music. It is fertilized with love and watered with patience.

You can taste it in my food. It isn’t soul food, because we serve vegan ribs, chicken, fish-less, and macaroni and cheeze. It is soul food, because the recipes were given to me by my ancestors, and the amount of attention and patience that is put into it is seasoned like my soul.

Both of my children are older now. They are interdependent and are addicted to music and books. Both can run Drop Squad Kitchen by themselves. We are each other’s best friends, and we know it. We love spending time with each other, and you can feel it as soon as you walk into our home or business. Our customers are highly coveted, so we want them to experience what we feel with each other when they come into our space.

The seed was planted in me generations ago. Right now I work open to close with no days off. All of us do. We get deep into the soil, nature, and plant seeds. 12-14 hours a day sometimes spreading the compost of our fruits of labor, grinding out food costs, payroll, studying ourselves and our customers and watering them everyday.

It is really hurtful to receive reviews that say we are a rip off, or they like it better when it was Mollys (our mom’s business). We eat our food. We eat the same portions you do. We pay for our food (staff gets 50% off and their friends and family get 25% off). Nonetheless, we are built for this path. We understand that although people try to support locally they really have no comprehension of what local or support truly means. The way we make it look and taste you cannot tell we planted unapologetically healthy seeds by any greens necessary. I just keep reminding myself just like the women, children, and plants I work with, “Be patient, they will grow. They will grow.” ~Abundance Child


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  • Lorraine Muhammad
    July 11, 2016 at 9:40 am

    ASA peace well said Growth is necessary in life and a little tender care ,I enjoyed reading this made my day postive information !!

  • Abundance Child
    July 11, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    Thank you Sister Lorraine. I appreciate your comment.

  • Yolanda
    August 23, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    Truly, you are an inspiration…Love everything about you…never change..1luv

  • Myriah Bey
    June 14, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    I too plan to grow my own food with my two beautiful daughters Allah manifested within my womb. Such a positive article, I appreciate the time and care put into it. Always a pleasure reading from the conscious.