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Why we need the Girl Society

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I craved a society that would mold girls into women that could stand on their square on reflex as opposed to being daughters of indoctrination. Girls raised in the society would be faithful comrades to their sisters in uplifting humanity as the guides nature intended.

Every girl is a branch of the society which is one Tree. No matter what nation, what religion, the rite of passage is the same. Out of many one sisterhood. A living force that bonds women globally and early. If girls from different backgrounds, households are raised as  sisters in the same society they WILL Uplift humanity One girl at a time .

My conviction as it relates to the Girl Society is profound. I have high aims. In order to reach the practical capacity of my aims,  I have sought after distinguished women like my MotherAmeena Ali,  Sister Letava, Maa, and Queen Afua whom have GENEROUSLY shared their wisdom. I am slowly building a Council that cannot be disturbed and a Board of Directors that will execute the Plan of Action of the Council.

The amount of cooperation and support I am receiving from our communities is tantamount proof that the time for our allied movements  is NOW  and the Girl Society is a vitality extension we have been waiting to evoke. We are celebrating this new vitality all month during Women’s “Herstory” Month on Abundance Child Live and on March 17, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY at the Tribute to the Girl Society.





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  • Jackie Avila-Bey
    March 16, 2012 at 1:56 am

    Unfortunately Sisters have to be mothers. Not just Babys Mamas. They are the first teachers and they need to do her job. I have two daughters and my daughter in law still laughs at me remembering me asking her to accompany my 15 year old daughter to the corner store. My Baby was 21 when she met her husband, her first boyfriend. When they went out on dates, I went, her brothers and their mates. I was not accountable for that young man, but he was going to know the quality of woman he was dating and what her family stood for. Never would one of my daughters compromise the value of their worth. A worth that was taught to them at home. My oldest has owned her own home since she was 19. Worked hard for it and has always knew how to STAND. She is raising 5 sons that will know the value of women because of how they are being raised to value their mother. Their first WOMAN. I am all for the Girls Society. It takes a village to raise a child.