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Unmarried Motherhood Genetic Terrorism

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In Tribal Culture, unmarried motherhood is a Sex Offense, a Sex Offender Status, a Biological “dirty bomb” and Genetic Terrorism

*Disclaimer: This post is only addressing unmarried motherhood which results from Sex Recreationalism–i.e. premarital sex– and Whoredom.

This article “The Economic Consequences of Unwed Motherhood: Using Twin Births as a Natural Experiment” explores the numerous negative economic, moral and family consequences which result from unwed motherhood.

The article states:
– “For a quarter century social scientists have focused attention on the relationship between family structure and poverty and have generally concluded that premarital childbearing exacerbates the problems of both poverty and family instability.”

– “It has been argued repeatedly that out-of-wedlock and adolescent childbearing reduces the mother’s educational attainment, lowers the probability of her eventual marriage, increases her probability of welfare recipiency, and decreases family income…”

Work Cited: “The Economic Consequences of Unwed Motherhood: Using Twin Births as a Natural Experiment” by Stephen G. Bronars and Jeff Grogger…

My Thoughts:
1. Under TINET Tribal Culture and Tribal Law, unmarried motherhood is a Sex Offense crime and a Sex Offender Status which violates ubiquitous tribal laws that prohibit Sex Recreationalism—i.e. pre-marital sex—and whoredom.

2. Historically, a key source of unmarried motherhood has been the overthrow and transfer of Male Family Leadership to a Civil State apparatus through colonialism, imperialism and slavery in which the conquerors purposefully turn conquered women against their own men using Civil Court assumption of the conquered Men’s Male Family authority.

3. Under Tribal Culture and Tribal Law, unmarried motherhood does not constitute a family unit. Said simply, households consisting of unmarried mothers and illegitimate children are not families, because such scenarios are the radioactive, mutated fallout from a biological crime against one’s family genetics.

4. Unmarried motherhood is a biological “dirty bomb” and genetic terrorism due to the indescribable destruction wreaked upon children who were birthed to unwed mothers. Bastadization and hereditary illegitimacy is the first violence inflicted upon children; the second violence is deprivation of the guidance of a biological father; and the third violence is the moral corruption of children through parental, whorish deathstyles.

5. Ancient, Primal, and Tribal Cultures worked to eradicate unmarried motherhood by:

a. Educating and warning children and adults about the immorality, illegality and dangers of Sex Recreationalism.
b. Mandating Virginity checks before marriage, and after the newly married couple’s first conjugal relations.
c. Mandating capital punishment for all acts of Sex Recreationalism (premarital sex, whoredom, etc)
d. Refusing to marry family members to unmarried mothers.
e. Shaming, Shunning and Banishment of all violators in order to cleanse and protect the family, community, tribal and cultural gene pools.

Questions to consider:
1. What are some practical steps which must be taken to prevent unmarried motherhood?
2. How effective a deterrent is Men refusing to marry unmarried mothers to prevent future repeat of the same dysfunctional misbehaviors?

Issues  to consider:
1. In order to eliminate the social scourge of unmarried motherhood, Ancient, Primal and Tribal male family leaders must create a Public Unmarried Mother Registry, which is similar to the widely used Sex Offender registry. This will greatly serve society by tracking, identifying, segregating and eliminating violators and offenders from polluting the family, community, tribal and cultural gene pools.

Additional sources :

  1. This article relates the fact that in TINET Traditional Culture, unmarried motherhood is illegal, despised and condemned.Concerning Chinese traditional culture, the article relates that:“Until 1997, sex outside marriage was illegal and classed as “hooliganism”, according to the sociologist and sexologist Li Yinhe. Having children outside wedlock “was regarded as heinous”. Even now it is stigmatized”


    Simply put:
    In traditional cultures, unmarried motherhood is “hooliganism” and is a misconduct of social delinquents, which was always condemned. Concerning traditional Chinese Culture’s categorization of unmarried motherhood as “hooliganism”

    Definition: Hooligan
    a ruffian or hoodlum.


    Traditional Chinese culture—like other TINET Tribal cultures—considers unmarried mothers to be ruffians and hoodlums.

Hooligan definition, a ruffian or hoodlum. See more.

2. This article relates the historical use of Tribal Banishment and Exclusion, which illustrates why these punishments serve as effective means to eliminate the scourge of unmarried motherhood.

“Indian tribes 6 have historically used banishment as a means of social control and punishment. 7 The custom has been recently revived to help tribes cope with a host of socially deviant and criminally dangerous activities within their respective communities. Hindered by their limited civil and criminal jurisdiction, 8 frustrated with their inability to impose meaningful sanctions, and fearful of further disruption, harm, and violence to their communities, tribal governments recognize that the old customs of banishment and exclusion are powerful and effective means of reestablishing order and safety in their communities.19”


3. These two articles highlight that in the general Ethiopian population, and also among the Oromo people who are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, unmarried motherhood is considered culturally shameful and rejected; and Virginity at Marriage is the mandatory standard:

These articles outline:

General Ethiopian society:
“It is not culturally acceptable for a woman to be pregnant and unmarried, because it will bring shame to the family.”


The Oromo people in Ethiopia
“Women marry starting about fifteen years of age and are expected to be virgins until then.”



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