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Thorough Thursday: Food, Shelter, and Hip Hop

Abundance Child

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Hip Hop is more than culture … it is Life for some. It has the same Vital Elements needed to sustain Life… Food, Shelter, Clothing, etc… One being in particular has been consistently on his Deen is Sol Messiah. He has internalized the Vital Elements of Hip Hop to sustain and expand his Life Force, Literally.

They say Survival of the Fittest and with the Social, Economic, and Political climate Hip Hop has to weather as it has evolved, Sol Messiah has utilized his DJ and Production skills to Moor than just survive. He is the living example of what Hip Hop really is and where it is going. He is Hip Hop Nobility and his lineage is traced through his State of Mind and works. As the Story unfolds tonight as Abundance Child Live presents Thorough Thursday…We give you a Sound Right Reason to take the Mic! Headz Up!


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