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The Biological Fingerprint of Colonization

Abundance Child

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We went from Mama and Grandma, or Council of Elders, Tribunals, or the entire Villages of families that were autonomous and self governing and acted as a community. We are now struggling with broken families and lineages as a result of our colonization. Meanwhile these powers that have the illusion of dominance are marketing and selling us our own birthright piece by piece. Enough is Enough.  The INSIGHTFUL RADIO HOUR, ED’S RAW & PURE, EZEKIAL LODGE #4 present to you “Taking back our families…The Biological Fingerprint of Colonization” featuring Minister Enqi and Nasi Yashuv El.

Listen to an archive of Abundance Child Worldwide as she introduced to you for the first time two gods that are not afraid to venture into architecture, architecture of the family and architecture of our culture.These gods are not afraid to introduce matters that every family should be discussing. More importantly they will be carrying the rough stones that you will have to polish to successfully redesign your lineage. They will be in Columbus, Ohio on  Saturday, March 22.

Address:The Law and the Swagger Ohio

York Mason Lodge Hall,

Grand Ball Room

867 Mt. Vernon Avenue

Columbus, OH 43203







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