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Retrospect: Pride Fest: 17th Annual African American Festival

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There is no place like [Delaware]. Home for me. For the longest time when someone asked me where I am from I would hate to answer. My family is not indigenous to [Delwaware] and re re re. No one knows what or where [Delaware] is. Answering Delaware made me feel as small as the first state that [Delaware] IS. I have been running from [Delaware] for a very long time. I was running from myself.

Now comes brother Joe Belardo just your average Joe, lol. I have been building with this brother for a decade and a half about community building. He calls me one new day and tells me about this project he is working on and that he could use my assistance in any way I would be willing. The first thought that ran through my head WHILE he was talking was [DELAWARE]? Grrrrrrrr. Then I started hearing keywords:festival, 17th annual (17 is my number), benefit, concert, ancestors,Precise Science, Rich Raw, God Head the General…STOP PLAYING. I’m in.

I’m in and so many others were in as well. Light Bulb goes on in my crown. Delaware is a small ass geopolitically defined place. I (we) can accomplish ANYTHING here. I called my people (Iz the truth) who called their people who called their people…Joe was calling people who called their people etc..About what right? The 17th Annual African American Festival.

The 17th annual African American Festival is the ONLY annual (Aboriginal/ Indigenous) festival remaining in New Castle County. That is a damn shame. I only heard a whisper of this festival before.I immediately suggested rebranding it to the Pride Fest just to get the people’s attention. All I know is that the name did not matter. The people came together.

We did in three weeks what most people plan to do in one year. The stage was occupied the entire day by artists from in and out of state, politicians, community activist, and children. There were vendors, free food, grass, clean air, lots of people and FUN!

This particular year was to benefit Mt. Zion cemetery. This cemetery is in dire need of attention. It is the final physical resting place of our ascended ones. It actually reminds me of the state of affairs of the “conscious” community in Delaware. IT NEEDS HELP. Thanks to this festival I think many of see that and see each other. Because attention was brought to the cause Mt. Zion cemetery is getting the attention it thirsted for and deserves. As will we the people. For some highlights and insights of the festival please watch the video below.


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