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Philly needs $50 Million to open schools?

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IT’S ALL OVER THE NEWS…Philly needs $50 Million to open school?All right now…we are getting all worked up about this $50 million that needs to be raised in 30 days in order for these INNER CITY schools to be open this fall…AND we posting madd crazy about Beyonce’s hair cut like her mane aint still blonde… Where my frontline mamas at? If we were not so  busy allowing these babies to be raised by the state…yeah a state of the UNION the same one that just let Zimmerman go for killing one of our own then maybe we would look at this as a good thing. We need to exert some control and use these God given government positions we have…MOTHERS.

Our ancestors did far moor with far less than $50 million. STOP PLAYING. We don’t need to get back to school…and you may not need to be working  on that plantation if you are using school as a babysitter and a free breakfast lunch and dinner program.Building on this TONIGHT on AC WORLDWIDE. or CALL (347)215-6592


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