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Original woman…black woman…the moor. Admit it, you are scared. This conscious community movement has all of us thinking about how supreme we are, “The Black woman is God.” We are the real Lucy, carrier of the Eve gene and supreme authority on earth and the universe, lol. Our shit just don’t stink. Of course not, we cover it up daily with an exterior Supreme Authority, mental and physical cover up, cover girl or maybe it’s maybelline. We have an answer for everything, a mere regurgitation of what we have been spoon fed. Spooning with the feds, every chance we get from paychecks to child support breadcrumbs and stamps.

Some stuff you cannot just cover up. I wish some of you would just wake up. We need more sisters to come out the closet and be the light in the darkness. You riding the fence? Move it. Whose side are you on? Prove it . I am not talking about your sisterhood of black woman liberation movements, of gender roles and choices votes for hillary clinton and michelle obama profile pictures…

I am saying we are exterminating us faster than margaret sanger could imagine. Deflection from my statements does not dismiss the problem(s). If we are so independent and powerful than why do we raise 75% of our babies with no brothers? Our mirrors are broke. We need to fix it and acknowledge our contribution to the destruction of the family and community. I am NOT going to change my candor lense of focus because you wont change your position in this repetitive cycle. It’s irresponsible.

Our family (immunization) is down and we have been open as a community of broken families to attacks… but damn sisters yall just leaving the back door open, front door open and giving the open enemy a key…


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  • Kheru El
    October 15, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    Peace 2 the goddess! Ashe. Amin. Amen to that sis! Thank you for this . You are much appreciated.

  • Cameo Ali Bey
    November 6, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    I.S.L.A.M sister! Bring all the sisters up with you as you all take your seats at the throne. Me & the brothers will be here at your feet as the protectors of the TRUE divine law that was set for you to teach! Peace & Love