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Love Wars

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We are still behind enemy lines and the solution is just love. It will take a humility to love black life because we have been hypnotized and conditioned to hate our own phenotype. We are going to have to go back to our own traditions and systems that predate our programming. We are going to have to stop taking this so called new “conscious” information and mixing it in with european ideology. That is not chemistry or alchemy. It is just cheating. It is being lazy.

We ARE going to have to be disciplined. We will have to cut out certain foods that produce things in the body that damage our natural immune system and keep us from being able to really love. Anything that does not have a strong charge the white man like the white blood cell will just show up on the scene and devour it. As above so below. As inside as out.  It is that same cancer that live inside the white blood cell that lives inside the purported dominant white system as histamine agents of that system and takes out melanacyte melanated populations that do not have a high enough charge or diplomatic sovereign bloodline birth right immunity.  The real dominant system is our natural immune system. We have the power..We have two new stars in our solar system. That UVB radiation is our military by itself. We don’t NEED NO FAKE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION unless we continue to feed these inorganic entities with our consumption of their poisons. We need to mobilize and get behind the real  immunity. 

We need to re up our charge . There are certain requirements. We are going to have to love ourselves enough to create an internal environment inside our bodies and inside our homes. These new ecosystems will be our new colonies instead of dealing with these white blood cell colonies like the U.S.A the cannibal colonies that regulate our own neighborhoods (our bodies).

love wars

THEY the military industrial corporate complex AND mental bonds keepers of dark matter’s suns and daughters that boasts to have lost no carnal life wasting wars is about to suffer the largest non military defeat known to their kind… THEY cannot survive our secret chemiclal weapon.LOVE. #alchemy #al #il #el #eloh #chem #black #blackness #blackhole #nu #matter #mater #mother raise the consciousness of the wombman and you will prepare the true and living warfare elixer #wealreadywon #one #blacklove #tour




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