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We have to remember. We were not always called Black. In fact, the people misnomered as Negro, Colored, Black, and African American etc. and anyone else with a common U.S. education (indoctrination) have been conveniently programmed to think that people who are ” Black” only came to be in the Americas as a result of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. When you have seen the word, Indian, you have not been trained to see yourself. Change your mind, train yourself to see yourself. Later you can program yourself to remember that Indian is not what we called ourselves either.

From 1670 to 1720 more Indians were shipped out of Charleston, South Carolina, than Africans were imported as slaves—and Charleston was a major port for bringing in Africans. The populous Choctaws in Mississippi were repeatedly battered by raiders, and many of their neighboring lower Mississippi Valley Indians also wound up spending their lives as slaves on West Indies plantations. Simultaneously, the New England colonies nearly eliminated the Native population from southern New England through warfare, slaving, and forced removal. The French in Canada and in Louisiana purchased many Indian slaves from their allies who swept through the Great Lakes region, the Missouri Country, and up into Minnesota. Read the entire document


All the colonies engaged in slaving and in the purchase of Indian slaves. Only in the colonial region of New York and Pennsylvania was slaving limited, in large part because the neighboring Iroquois assimilated into their societies many of those they captured instead of selling them to the Europeans—but the Europeans of those colonies purchased Indian slaves from other regions. Don’t let the pictures fool you. Lies do not exist in nature, like water, truth will always seeks its’ own level.

“Time never was when man was not”. As then, as now. Same Ole mindset, same ole marketing.  The idea planted, and the image of the us, sells the brands. We make everything authentic. If you want to sell something you have to picture it authentic and worthy. Other peoples opinions are useful in marketing. The actuality of a thing is secondary to the reality of a thing. In this case, the the thing is the product. The product is tobacco and human capital (now classified as Black).

Upon further research of historical marketing campaigns, here are some review questions you may want to consider asking yourself (your children also):

  1. What are the nationalities of the people in pictures your find prior to the commencement of U.S. History?
  2. What are the pictures attempting to sell you about the economic relationship between all parties?
  3. What are any documented truths you know about the history of those Nationalities prior to the commencement of U.S History?
  4. What are any documented truths you know about the laws, census data, or the commercial relations between those parties?
  5. Who were you before 1492?



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