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Letter to Nicki Minaj…out of the mouths of babes

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In Watoto From the Nile’s new video, “Letter to Nicki Minaj”  these girls struck a chord within me. This is not the first time. I first heard of these young daughters when they released ” Letter to Lil Wayne”. This time I related as a mother. I related as a daughter. I related as a sister to all woman on earth.

” Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, can’t you see somehow your words just hypnotize me…” These children are reaching out to the Nicki Minaj in each and everyone of us and telling the world that they are listening. They are saying to all woman, Stop Playing. You are a mother, and a teacher and we are all connected. That Nicki’s word sound and actions are magnetizing our babies on the wrong direction. They are pleading from the womb to be heard.

These girls are a walking billboard for every little mainstream girl that chant Nicki’s lyrics like a mantra. They are like Fox News reminding us daily that this is what our future is listening to. OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES. The children are telling what appears to be a grown woman that she is  QUEEN. This song and video is done in taste and shows love instead of hate.

I hope this letter reaches Nicki Minaj and the Nicki Minaj inside of each and everyone of you that struggles with little girl issues getting turned out by everything from tv to the internet. Please support these youth and donate to their movement TODAY!!!!

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