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Is knowledge the new Kryptonite?

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We can be some stubborn people especially when it comes to any challenges presented to us. We have got to learn to move on and stop getting all clicked up and judgmental whenever any new developments bring us closer to freeing ourselves from the very paradigm we often say we want out of. This reminds me of an oral prophecy/ statement by Noble Drew Ali , “There are going to be new Moors that are going to come in with their eyes wide open, seeing and knowing, that are going to take you old Moors, seat you in the back, and carry out my law.”

There is a natural law fulfillment that is taking place and those who are not willing to be aggressive in thought and action and stuck in these old rhesus thought patterns are going to be left behind. Everything that has been said and done has already been said and done. We need to MOVE forward with the past as a fuel and safety that will propel us to what we have been SAYING we want to do.

Lets just do it and stop getting caught up in the SMOKE AND MIRRORS of the names of who is doing it RIGHT NOW. For example, We love Hidden Colors and it is a trophy for us. We earned that trophy because we are champions. Let’s not be sore losers who cannot take constructive criticism when now that the video is out we find out that maybe we made some errors? We are still winning anyway. Let us not get caught up in the personalities of who is doing the work. I know, it appears to be difficult because we are still suffering from so much conditioning. Let us stop romanticizing about the works of our heroes past and present and do the work to add on to the studies that have already been done. I am aware that we love our messengers our prophets our scholars our leaders etc…but to a fault.

WE ARE STILL HERE which is proof that NONE of them answered EVERY equation right and exact. WE WILL BE HERE FOREVER so let’s not let ANY “knowledge” or “consciousness” be our kryptonite.

THIS WEEK ON AC WORLD WIDE (Thursday, 8pm, 7c), I will innerview M’Bwebe Ishangi, a man so comfortable with his CHOSEN path that his success is on cruise control. He has brought to us 20 years of information via DA GHETTO TYMZ that is a way opener for us to replace the false gods like Nike and JUST DO IT and be OURSELVES.


Also, Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Ali and Minister EnQi will be joining us for a quick public service announcement regarding their highly controversial and newest topic on the Fear of a Genetic Annihilation Scientific Tour/ Chicago 4/23 and 4/24


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