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I get more substantial convo these days from Christians. It’s sad considering the amount of so called conscious people I know and deal with. Miss me with ya “peace family”,ya “hoteps”, ya “ase’s”, ya “brothas”, ya “kings”, ya “gods”, because it’s primarily nonsense disguised as sincerity. You cats really NOT with what comes outta ya mouths. I can dig it. Men do if for sex. Women do it for sex. Ok….. but what bothers me is that you so called conscious people knock everything you deem unconscious while sitting in the same monetary and political positions as those you knock. HOW DOES THAT SHIT WORK? I don’t care what god a person prays to as long as morality is heavy on their human interaction scale. Big ups to my homies and people who don’t do what I do but do what I do via morality, sincerity, and honor. IF what you do makes you a better person “IN MY PRESENCE”, then I’m all for it. To not be would make me just as others…………A HYPOCRITE!
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  • Cameo Ali Bey
    February 6, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Absolutely ‘Peace & Love’