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Home School and Wellness w/ Mahogany Homeschooler and Nanya Miqaa El

Excerpts from Mahogany Homeschooler’s Blog

I know there are so many of you out there want to homeschool your children but don’t really know where to start. Before you really get into the fun part of the homeschool journey, you must first cover all legal areas. It is legal to homeschool your children in all states, however the laws from state to state vary. Each state is different. Some states do not require you to report to your Board of Education or take any standardized test. some states may require you have some kind of teaching certificate, or you have to present your curriculum to the Board for review and approval. It varies, so please make sure you research the homeschooling laws. If you have a child in the public school system an d would like to withdraw them, call you child’s school and ask for the necessary steps. Do not just pull them out without going through the proper procedures. It can be something as simple as writing a note. When withdrawing your children from school ask for all paper work i.e. shot records, parent info., anything pertaining to your child. You do not want any unnecessary paperwork floating around in the system. Once you know the homeschooling laws of the land in which you reside then the fun part can begin. I have added a link to a site with the home school laws in all states.

Once you have squared all your legal requirements if any away, now the journey can really begin. This may be a little overwhelming but relax, it’s not as hard as you may think it is. We all may have a concept of what school is based on our own personal experienced in the public school system. You have to in a sense deprogram yourself from the public school setting. Homeschooling does not have to be at all what we experienced growing. You can make it a fun enjoyable learning experience for you and your children. It can really be a holistic experience enlightening the mind, body and spirit. No two homes are alike. There are many different methods of homeschooling. It all depends on your family’s needs and wants. Some families teach out of a boxed curriculum where the lessons are already prepared for you. In a boxed curriculum you have to do very little in terms of finding resources, however, there isn’t much room for extras outside of the box. Some families, such as myself are what some consider eclectic. I like to pull from all kind of resources to create my own curriculum. When creating your own lessons, it takes a lot of time and research but to me it’s worth it. You are able to customize your lessons for each individual child and incorporate a lot of different activities. Some families unschool their children where they let their children lead the educational process. The parents provide a rich environment reflective upon what their child’s interest are. The possibilities are endless. If you are concerned about what your child should be learning in different grades, there are a few books that lay out a scope of what is learned in each subject in every grade. I recommend Home Learning Year by Year How to Design a homeschool Curriculum from Preschool through High School by Rebecca Rupp. Very good book. So take it slow. You set the standard. All children learn differently at different rates so don’t get upset when your child doesn’t pick something up right way. Homeschooling allows the time for real learning and growth. Peace

Knowing your child’s learning styles will help you in deciding how you want to homeschool your children. Once you know the best ways your children are able to learn, you can then customize your lessons to better suite the child. You can then help your children to strengthen the areas they may not be as strong in. If you have multiple children, creating a one size fit all lesson plan may stunt a child’s growth. You may have a set of identical twins and need to manipulate your lessons to accommodate their very different learning styles. One of the ways you can tap into their learning styles is by watching them play and how they communicate. I will list the various learning styles. (the information below ran in the parents column of a newspaper)….

With all the boxed curriculum’s and programs out you start to wonder if you can afford to homeschool. I will say that after homeschooling for the past 61/2 years I have spend very little money. You can spend as much or as little as you like depending on what you want to use. I will list a few resources and techniques we have used over the years that have saved us lots of money.

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Nanya Miqaa El is the director of Anomaly Health and Wellness Practice. He chose this path because they fall in line with who he is in relation to to the Universe. Healing and travel are dominant factors in cosmic chart of life so he has chosen to share those aspects of himself with the world. He brings these divine Aspects to the Abundance Child Live show and will be welcoming everyone to join his “LIVING OUTSIDE THE BOX CAMPAIGN!” If you want to know Moor then tune in!

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  • Victoria
    December 17, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Good article! I was homeschooling my child before I even knew the word homeschool and did not realize it. I sent him to public school kindergarten, have regrets now. This year he started 1st grade and I immediately pulled him out. The two weeks he was at school he got punched in the stomach, learned the racial slur *n* (came from a white child to another white child) I was horrified he didn’t know what it meant, and a whole list of other things. God be with those that can’t be home-schooled. I was so scared to make the move to this. I want to support anyone considering this, if you can teach your child to read and write, colors, numbers, ect. you can do this. I started at 2 teaching him to reconize lowercase and uppercase letters in a board book, then purchased leapfrog fridge phonics, from that I began sight words. Now I am planning his elementary work. I am going in depth with things because he is gifted and easily board, teaching beyond public school standards. This is really working out for our family life, we are less stressed. My husband is in the military and he now gets more time with his son, after missing so much time on deployments. We are even planning to take a long family vacation when he gets out and take the school on the road with us.

  • Tajullah
    December 17, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    I have been a home schooling parent for 19 1/2 years teaching k-college prep with one now in college.