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GENETIC FEAR of a Black Planet

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I’m so feeling Dr. Ali Muhammad and @Minister Enqi right now! You already know I’m on my unapologetically health ish!!!! Drop squadding on folk everyday from my vegan kitchen on the Riverfront to the ethers every Wednesday on Blog talk.  Back to the point…

Processed GMO Frankenfoods are the new shackles and chains. Our mind is still our Master  because it controls the thinking process which is at the root of our OVERALL health. The more we eat  gmo foods the more ignorant we are. The more ignorant we are the less power we have.

It should be a goal to have a God and Goddess psychosoematic State of Mind. We should want to rule from our home throne of the mind, body, family and community. We should want to have control over our own government of self.  We should want to know and apply our constitution more than that of an inorganic fiction of someone else.

When we use a GPS/Navigation we have to type in an address to get a destination. Right now we need to individually set our GPS to knowledge of self to avoid the tolls of the Wilderness of North America. Type this in your navigation and let me know what your mental navi results are:

Yakubs Children have 1 Objective DESTROY the HOLDER of the BLACK GERM (Eu-Melanin) the Original Man…We will prove that WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE REAL DNA, NO REAL MELANIN and Got their form from cationic Inert shells (souless ELF forms) which were activated in 2 experiments…the 1st on Rhesus Monkeys 2nd in Aegean Sea Experiments with Mitotic procreation (Separating Germs)…According to Ancient Arabian (Sumerian) Literature the Scientist leading the Homind experiment was called Iah/Yah/iaa and also Enki. Iah means moon. Iah-kb (Ya-kub) means produced from the moon. The Amazonian women later led experiments on the Lesbos, Saothrace and Patmos Islands and Produced the Zeusian races through parthenogenesis and gynogenesis…a race of spores born through mitotic experiements…doomed from the start…their genetic diveristy depletion and Y chromosome collapse is leading to full extinction…

All we have to do is the get the Original Woman to agree to stop selling her DNA to him and his world is over…this is a serious wake-up pille else. ~Dr. Ali Muhammad

Back up///All we have to do is get the woman to agree to stop having her children in these hospitals.

Back UP EVEN MORE//// All we have to do is get our sisters to change our response to all the slavery initiatives that we are a direct target market for.

Back Up EVEN MORE FURTHER/// Worthy and qualified women need to be the example of what a teacher is and train our youth in the art of hybrid sciences by being and doing the opposite of what hybrid science dictates.

If we do not take this discussion about home economics seriously then we will die. Other races have done it…and now we are being eliminated.  Our families are not in danger we are endangered bc we are volunteering for genetic assault. We keep talking about racism!!!! We need to get in the race. We gave  these losers a head start  and now they are racing food, lobbying and then turning it around and selling it to us. Genetically modified negroes cannot be sovereign Our real nation is our body…those bodies are the nation…if the leader is corrupt …the brain us corrupt…then your nation is going to be corrupt. ~ Dr. Ali Muhammad  This war on racism is a war in your head because you are eating yourself. Do you want to know how? Do you want to know why? Do you want to know what we can do about it?


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