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Gatekeeping 101 in real time

I’m rushing and go into an office to do business with a company I clearly planned to do business with. I told the woman when I got there ( I’ll call her gatekeeper No.1) I was rushing, and if this was not something we can handle in one business day, then I’d come back another day. She proceeds to tell me I will just need to take your information so basically I can do what I can do on my end! MEANWHILE, MY STORE IS CALLING ME 3X, (“apologies Richard L’Abbée”)! I’m saying to myself, “is she deaf, because I clearly just stated if this is not something we can handle today I will come back”. She states and I am summarizing, “well… I am not going to rush my process just because you are in a rush”! I am not asking you to rush your process (a few profane things entered my mind). I asked her if there is anything I can take with me, because the owner had given me a packet, but allegedly, according to my partner, he has not received a return call or email hence me doing all this running around. ANYWAY…she reminds me that she does not know what he has given me, but she does things her way. EXCUSE the hell out of ME!! At this point Gatekeeper #2 is very sweet, and starts to explain the process, GREAT! Gatekeeper No. 1 damn near jumps over the deal telling her not to debate with me. LMFAO…… DEBATE? Y’all not ready. Also, at what point did I solicit your opinion on my attitude? I make no apologies for my attitude. I said I was in a rush! Gate keeper #2 just refused to listen and thought she could OUT TALK ME. Naw man! I am trained for this. WE ARE IN THE AGE OF INFORMATION. I mean… really I could not just get a fax or an email? But now to my point….
gatekeeping 101 angry black woman We are practically SCREAMING “buy black and buy indigenous”…GTFOH! I own one of those businesses. We are going to have to do better if we want to be able to be relevant in the commercial market as owners rather than consumers. Really, we need to check putting angry, sad, unhealthy, emotionally driven African American women as GATEKEEPERS. We are just not ready!


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