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Dr. Phil Valentine & Maa: Why we need the Girl Society

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Tonight on Abundance Child Live:

Controversial as this statement may be, Dr. Phil Valentine has expressed his love and state of mind for women by producing a work as extensive as the Wounded Womb. Compliments or complaints…it is a statement of impression that I would like to address as I build the Empire of the Girl Society.

In a youtube video titled The Wounded Womb (Intro) a portion of his lecture is captured where he mentions ” when women do to much reading they waste their Vitamin A very early in their life…  the more  you read sister, the more you destroy the integrity of your  femininity.”

Many women want to know if this book insults our intelligence. In this controversial youtube video I stated that although I respect Polight and Natural Tehuti’s drive and promoting the Moorish, Black, Nubian woman is God (ess) I think that women should be teaching women. I actually expressed my same sentiments to Dr. Phil Valentine in a private conversation.

Knowing what I know is that we are in a “Patriarchal” age.. Being in a Patriarchal age does not mean that women are being ignored. It just means that the men hold the decision making power on the front line while in a Matriarchy the women hold the decision making power on the frontline. With that said men have initiated and invoked the pertinence of the woman’s status. I am willing to take their tools in my Sekhmet/ Oya stance and keep it moving as a woman. Like Dr. Phil said…I just want to do

Instead of perpetuating gender wars, all we really need to be focusing on is our independence from the yolk of these debtors that have both genders in shackles . So when I get to pushing the Empire of the Girl Society it is all about Female right of passage, and commerce. We focus on overcoming hurdles by observing the actions of women (Reflections)as opposed to the posted hurdles by men.

What the above video of me did not show is my idea that there has not been a time when man and woman was not here simultaneously. At the end of the day we are here together. Just because we can point to some insects that are asexual, or woman create fibroid tumors with teeth or hairdoes not prove that there is no three dimensional being that does not have a physical dichotomy or that is not asexual. So both sexes are involved in creation and that makes the aboriginal man and woman God.

This is why the Girl Society is needed… to teach as a mother would and should. This is why we open the show up @8pm EST with Maa of the on how all DIS ease can be cured. This is how we prepare AND at the same time engage in Conscious Commerce. Find out about Maa’s distributor program….for the Girl Society this is another Youth Entrepreneur program.

We build with Dr. Phil Valentine at 9PM EST on  3 THINGS:

(1)  Meta-Psychology classes at
(2) Juice Plus+

(3) The Wounded Womb…Does this book insult our intelligence?

Finally at 10pm the call lines are open and Ra khu D’Cozmophyxizian will help navigate the final hour on the above question, cozmophyzixically  Hint: no difference between male and female, planetary influence on diseases, What does Mercury have to do with it?




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