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Don’t Buy Black!

Abundance Child

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Hell Naw! I don’t support that anymore than I support people saying I should not curse. Fuck you. Pay me and watch what the Fuck you put in your mouth! Jk. Seriously though, why we gotta pull teeth to do business with  our own? As much as we spend, a trillion dollar budget?,  we should be investing in our business. Why so we can even be in the market place to spend our money. Those who are in the market place do not have real brick and mortar storefronts. For those that do that is not good enough.We need to be tired of leasing. Everyone else…yeah that online shit is popping but your packages are not..they are not coming. You do not return calls or emails and you do not deliver in a timely manner. I had to get out of that online hustle…ever heard of dropship mother f*@#$…. Anyway, IJS I’m buying quality, I am buying consistent,  I am buying time which means I am definitely not buying black..Peace!


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