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Criminalizing survival Slavery is still legal

I was up thinking about the recent camera captures of the routine murders of our people. I could not sleep. I even found myself thinking about the guerrilla, and how they blamed the mother.smh at the power folk have and more at the power we give them. I know that lessons will repeat themselves until you learn them. It is my observation that the common thread is not what we have been angrily and emotionally ranting about ; that is tooooo easy. None of these brothers had wages, they only had profits and they were resistors by their very nature,entrepreneurs. None of them were any value to the very system we think we can fix. We are never going to have value if we are waiting on being valued by a society whose system is rigged in capitalism and classism and so many other isms we choose to be victims of. No values can be elected. You either have them or you don’t.

What all of these brothers had in common was an illegal hustle that has always been against the slave and black codes. There is nothing new here. We know it because no one is alarmed. This is an ongoing open ritual from an open enemy. Whether it was Trayvon appearing to be vagrant or Alton illegally engaging in commerce, Niggers are not allowed to engage in these activities for the record. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Sisters we are not immune. You try talking to these code enforcers the way you talk to black men and you will surely be made an example. Try thinking you matter because you graduated in their system or think you are better because you choose to do without their system you will surely be made an example.

We have to take some responsibility here. We want to be the Nigger, negro, the black, the African American, the feminist, the people of color of law. We want to be successful in the U.S democratic paradigm. We go bankrupt trying to go to their schools, we work for companies not run by us, we send our children to their schools to be taught to do the same thing, hate ourselves and start the cycle all over again. We abandoned reconstruction during its climax and literally bought into integration where the black dollar matters and never the lives.

We have not tried to make the black dollar matter. We have not tried to nationalize that dollar. We have not tried to stay together without the system or separate without the system. We have not tried raising our children with both parents. We have not tried to be disciplined to not even get into a situation where the aforementioned IS NOT an option. We have not tried to make a sacrifice and just stop showing allegiance to these companies by stop working for them. We have not tried to pull our assets out of their schools. We have not tried turning off the television. We have not tried eating clean. We have not tried to grow enough food in our backyard to sustain our families. We have not tried to learn self defense. We have not tried to create our own militias. We have not tried to know civics and law.

We have not tried to get off the plantation. We are only trying to be more comfortable. We cannot fix this system and we should not put any more effort into doing so as we are foreign to it. It is a fiction that only exist in reality because we give it our human powered resource. We can fix ourselves. We just have to try one person, one family,one collective at a time and we are going to have to come to the realization that we are going to have to do it on our own. We are going to have to change our priorities. We can no longer want what is marketed to us unless it comes from us. We can no longer settle for privilege. We must claim our rights and we must do it as a unit of many units. ~Abundance Child


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  • Kheru El
    July 9, 2016 at 3:11 pm


  • Maxine M Labbee
    July 9, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Dear Abundance you nailed it. We continue to try to assimilate. We must be uniquely independent. It is difficult in America but not impossible. Commerce is the answer. We have to trust ourselves to build our community and have our own to bring to the table.
    If you are going to remain in the Americas, and be governed by the law, we must change the law. We must start with this election year. We must vote. Here lies the true power. It must start on the local level. Our true divide is reflected in the City of Wilmington’s upcoming election. We will lose because we won’t sacrifice and support a one new leader.
    After changing law, we will then have a voice to keep us safe while we raise our children and grow our food. We do too much talking and not enough action. We need to get rid of the good ole boys network (which includes women), and hold those elected to the fire. Someone needs to create an app that shows every law introduced and how our officials vote. If their votes don’t reflect the people, recall their behinds. Only hire enforcers from the tax base. NO OUTSIDERS!! If they didn’t grow up in that community, they can’t police in that community. Permanent residency requirements for all. If they get the pay, they must stay. No whimpy 5 year residency requirement.
    No one should ever be stopped, pulled over, etc., unless they pose a treat. If a taillight is out, mail out a warning to prove resolution within 30 days. Duh. If selling illegal CDs ask to cease. If caller reports of man with a gun, make sure you see the threat. Make the caller back up the accusation. Anyone could become a victim by anyone out there making calls. Again, change and make legitimate laws.
    In summary, money talks. It only talks through the law. If laws do not represent our contribution or blocks the same, we become stuck through legislation. Let’s change the law and make sure the enforcers represent us. We have to move from surviving on Maslow’s lowest hierarchy level of existence to peace of mind. Be patient as you educate. Each one teach one. We can make a difference. You are already making a difference. Keep your faith.

  • Marsha
    July 14, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Facts indeed!