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Idea and General Principles of the Law of Nations.

§ 1. What is meant by the term nation or state.

Nations or States are political bodies, societies of men who have united together and combined their forces,in order to procure their mutual welfare and security.

§ 2. It is a moral person

Such a society has its own affairs and interests; it deliberates and takes resolutions in common, and it thus becomes a moral person having an understanding and a will peculiar to itself, and susceptible at once of obligations and of rights.

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No government on this planet is gonna repair a people financially that openly says it doesn’t want reparations. If you don’t understand what you just read, then you sir or mam are part of the problem of keeping “black” people invisible to the rest of the civilized world.
The irony is, WE CREATED THE LAWS THAT WE NO LONGER WANNA ABIDE BY. Now that’s funny, and even funnier than that, is people who spew nonsensical arguments about a boogie man they call the “white man”! #hilarious!

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There is no nation on this earth of Black People. If you do not understand what you just read then you sir or man are part of the problem of deliberately keeping “black” people immoral. § 4. How nations or states are to be regarded. Nations are composed of men who are by nature free and independent, and who before the establishment of civil society lived together in the state of nature, such Nations or sovereign States must be regarded as so many free persons living together in the state of nature.WE CREATED THE LAWS THAT WE NO LONGER WANNA ABIDE BY.  

There is a science to the rights and obligations of what makes a people a nation or a state. Blacks are immoral and neglectful to their obligation as it relates to nationality, law, government, commerce, wealth, power, etc…BLACK PEOPLE ARE AT THE BOTTOM.

” Black people do not control or own more than 1/2 of 1% of anything of value. That is an outright disgrace! I mean even to be competitive, we should always control at least proportionally for what you are in numbers. If we are 12, almost 13% of the population, we should own at least 12% of everything that exists. Black people make up almost 26% of the world population and own less than ½ of 1% of anything on the Earth.” Dr. Claud Anderson

In 2006, a US Court of Appeals (Federal Court) in Chicago upheld fraud claims against 15 major US banks, insurers, and transportation companies that concealed their slave trading histories from consumers. In his 17 page opinion, Judge Richard Posner stated that a seller of goods who hides his company’s slave trading history because he’s afraid of losing customers is “guilty of fraud.” Other claims that sought recovery of past profits made from slave trading were dismissed in his ruling because of the lack of federal jurisdiction… not state court jurisdiction.

Blacks are GREEDY and are willing to settle for ONE month of fraud called Black History. Blacks are confused and they want to be integrated with a segregated agenda. Blacks are immoral! If Blacks were moral, they would handle their own affairs and interests.  They would deliberate and take resolution to things in common like lack of resources. They would individually (estates and states) and collectively (nation and nation states)  incorporate and securitize resources to go after estates and states of the families (“black” people included). Black people would not just go after the nation that chartered the state and estates of those families.



Black did not exist as a person during slavery. Blacks want to receive reparations for what the ancestors of a different status endured. Blacks will rather fight for pennies and an ideal black reparation, mourn over a motherland that has no interest in Black anything, yet will not SETTLE for the big pay off of a non Black NATION. THIS IS AFRICA. Don’t be dumb.

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  • Indigo
    November 18, 2016 at 5:28 am

    Something that’s been on my mind for a while, I believe the destruction of our people lay on the shoulders of men. I don’t think we are living up to our duties as leaders. I know our women will follow us and we can lead our families and communities in the right direction. Bottom line is its 2 many suckers out here potraying the image of a man and he don’t have a gram of honor or morality in his selfish little heart. OUR PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER FROM US. Were letting them down and as a result we are all being laughed at our children are learning next to nothing of value and our women are being taken advantage of because of the lack of fortitude and vision from us. I’M TIRED OF BLACK PEOPLE BEING LOWEST ON THE TOTEM POLE. IN EVERY ASPECT IMAGINABLE