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Actually, Feminism is a whole other level of HATE. We better stop buying into that brand and then black marketing it as the Black woman is god…all by herself…and…BTW if a black man is with a white woman he obviously IS NOT healthy or wealthy by our ancestors (pre domestication of plants animals and human (beings)…you know the ones that did not eat meat especially the OTHER WHITE MEAT) standards.

One of the first things we are going to have to do as sisters is stop acting so angry!!!! We have the right to be angry but diplomacy is in our best interest right now especially with our brothers. We know we have been oppressed and that we are sick and tired of being sick and tired literally. So are they. We have to stop blaming folk…aint nobody suppressing us but us. Calm down with that feminist bullshit in black face. Feminism deletes the man. I know you see it…now we got sisters talking about it’s her right to be with other women, it’s her right to be with a white man…Come on home now sisters. let’s go back to mama nature now. We can’t do this on our own…and we better stop trying to. Aint nobody going to pull that monkey off our back but ourselves. We MUST learn to love instead of hate and we better start embodying this because the children are watching. 


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