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be positive be still be quiet

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Do you remember growing up and hearing the saying if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all? Or if something to the point of if whatever you are saying cannot improve upon the space? I have really been taking it seriously lately. I have noticed especially with social networking as well as in real life that people  ‘invite’ us to behave like victims. Theses people complain about everyone and everything around them. They complain about the unfairness of life and vicariously by doing it in your presence they solicit care, agreeance, and participation in their never ending wanna stay in that place, misery loves company dramas!

I have to use my own dark experience to draw on the darkness of others. I am so in tune. Knowing my  pain and weakness is the best way for me to deal with the pain and and weakness in others. After a while you become immune. You become intolerant. No one can just pass their misery off to you. At the end of the day it will be YOUR LIFE that like an echo returns everything that you send out.

We are the only constant in our lives. It is important to the sacred geometrical construction of our life that we continuously research at what angle (angels) we want to deliver this contract we have to refine our temple. Everybody has their own contract and thus their own formula. If they do not fit into your equation it is important to dissolve them from your corporation =government=self.

We do not have to be victims just because others chose to be. In my darkest hours I become quiet, still myself enough to absorb everything positive I want to reflect.


be positive be still be quiet


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