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In my mind we are already winning we just don’t know it because we are wearing the uniform(ity) of the wrong (home)team. How are we allowing ourselves to buy their uniform and put it on everyday? Is it not factually clear that we are NOT on THAT team. They throw us a bone of a president with some carbon in him in a few fortune 500 companies like the U.S. and we go wild doing the wave and ish.

July 20, 2006 — DID YOU KNOW— The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to extend the landmark Voting Rights Act for another 25 years, as lawmakers of both parties said federal supervision was still required to protect the ability of minorities and the disadvantaged to cast ballots in some regions of the country.

That team does not have ANY our logo(s)/flag(s), they don’t share any of their winnings/resources with us because it does not benefit them. We keep supporting that damn team with everything that we have AND they still voting every 25 years on whether or not our real team has NOT THE CHOICE but the RIGHT to cast a ballot. We even continue to make repairs and assist in the expansion of their colosseums/ stadiums on OUR mother’s land. We buy its uniforms, go to all of their public games/institutions that are funded though their winning/resources. WE EVEN BUY THEIR DAMN HOT DOGS. Did yall NOT get the memo and public service announcement that we are the winning/resource, that every stolen win that they EVER accumulated came from our internal funding. Oh I forgot we buy Into and watch those 100 percent monopoly owned self interest broadcasts that tells lies to our vision.

Some of us keep getting nostalgic talking about how we are still enslaved and we need to get back to the good old days of being on our own team…like when we were segregated. The biggest cover up is that they sold us that cover story of freedom and we bought it. We lined up in marched right in and got that neck bone. The HEADLINES..we could now sit, drink, eat, play, go to school and work, and even play in their hunger games. VICTORY!!!!You did not read that fine print in the contract though, huh? That part where they grandfathered in the entire Dred Scott’s team members and any generation thereafter et al. TRUTH SERUM. We still are factually segregated.

We need to act like it and take some pride in it. in 1850 we owned 1/2 of 1% of the wealth. Today 2013 we own 1/2 of 1% of the wealth. We have no life sustaining institutions with that 1/2 of 1% of our wealth and are completely and totally dependent on this other team. STOP PLAYING. Get aggressive with your human resource of a self and stop giving your winnings away. If we keep a segregated state of mind as if it is the LAW then we will we act and do as if we have nothing except us. That is all we have at the end of the day anyway…just us. ACT LIKE IT. BE AGGRESSIVE. BE BE AGGRESSIVE. A.G.G.R.E.SSIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~AC


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