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Abundance Child Worldwide Presents Summit of the Moors Phase 2: Execution

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The first phase of the Summit of the Moors January 11-12, 2013 in Jacksonville Florida was a success. We deviated from stereotypical discussions that bring divisiveness and stuck to the point of economic security creating an air of tolerance and support for this entire…going down in our-story, EPIC event. A diverse group of Moors traveled from all territories to present and receive information and an aggressive strategy that will aid in the economic advancement of Moors everywhere. We moors put our money where our mouths are. So we did the knowledge and now we the embodiment of the spirit of wisdom as we move into PHASE 2: THE EXECUTION.


This week we will bring you up to speed with some DIY home remedies that you can apply in your own geo political territories, current events about land that was purchased and donated as a result of phase one of the summit, and finally you need to hear about the aquaponics economy that is fueling this new moorish renaissance.


Featured guest tonight are Diallo Sekou, Sundiata Ameh El, and Taharka Amaana El Bey.


Tune in tonight if you are serious about uplifting humanity with a little bit of financial assistance from within.

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Call in No. (347)215-6592


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