Abundance is a mother. She is a teacher. She is an entrepreneur. She is about her business in every way. Abundance Child is a leader but knows when to follow. She is the HMIC. She is a dictator, lol. She is a dancer, a martial artist, a writer , an author, director, and a producer. She is a guru, a model, a graphic designer, socialite, a nutritionist, a food chemist, a venture culturalist. She is a great driver! She loves the finer things like alkaline water, coconut water, craft wine and coffee, a good book, a good movie and children. She always has children around her, not just hers. She respects elders and youngsters.

fresh vegan soul

Just like other vegan chefs, Abundance Child has served many celebrities, and public figures. She feels no need to list the celebrities and figures because it is not about the people she served it is about the food she serves. What separates Abundance Child from the other vegan chefs is the fact that everyday people, vegans and meat eaters alike crave her food. Nationally and Internationally Abundance Child is called and chosen because you can literally taste the essence, originality, difference and favor in her food.  She is special. Cooking is not even Abundance’s passion. She understands it is a gift . She understands she is gifted and talented in the preparation of food because she trains daily because she knows the revolution is in the kitchen. She creates unapologetically healthy plant based recipes by any greens necessary.

Abundance Child is proud that she has never been certified by people who were certified, who were certified by  other people, who were certified by other people in something that comes so natural and organic to her. Abundance Child is self taught, family taught, children  taught, and over 20 years of experience taught. What is most important about AC is that she sees herself in everyone because she is a survivor of the Standard American Diet. Abundance Child does not encourage any specific diet nor does she have any interest in soliciting anyone’s  “vegan” agenda.  Abundance Child simply helps people help themselves by creating plant based recipes, kitchen cosmetics and remedies, and healthy lifestyle and DIY  products and ideas.



Abundance Child understands that you are what you eat and what you put on your skin. She also knows that transitioning to a healthy lifestyle has the illusion of being more expensive lifestyle. Tips, tutorials, recipes and remedies to help you replace harmful household chemicals with natural (inexpensive) alternatives.

If there is anything  you need to know about Abundance Child is her research game is on point.  She took the best raw plant based natural ingredients and  created her own line of products using  herself, family and friends as test subjects. After years  of  trial and error she shares with you her best DIY tips and tutorials to help you save money and replace products that are essentially useless and harmful to your body, home, and environment.

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What the inside of me is saying to the outside of me. Taking everything personally and blogging it so we can learn how to navigate this wilderness of life together.   


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Blogging about all things Aboriginal, Indigenous, Native and American.

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This is Abundance Child for the Record, archives of late podcasts.



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