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A New Race- The American Negro

Abundance Child

In Emancipation Magazine™ Posted

“A New Race – The American Negro is a new biological and cultural product. His African ancestors represented tribes as divergent as the several peoples of Europe. They were captured from provinces covering large parts of Central and Western Africa: Guinea, the Ivory, Slave, and Gold Coasts, a great part of what is now French West Africa, the vast stretches of the Niger Valley, the Cameroons, the Congo, the Benguella. AMONG THEM WERE ARABS AND MOORS FROM THE NORTHERLY COASTS, the small yellow Hottentots from the South, the Bantu tribes from the equatorial regions, although most of them were the large bodied blacks from the huge area called Guinea. Members of these diverse tribes, captured over an area as large as the whole continent of Europe, were completely mixed in the process of their transport to African slave ports, to the West Indies, to American slave marts, and in their distribution in the New World. Even if there had been no admixture of white or Indian blood, the generations which grew up in America would have been different from any single tribe in Africa and would have represented a mingling of all of them into a new race.”



























SOURCE —  Encyclopedia Britannica 1943 (175th Anniversary Printing).


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