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The Next Revolutionaries will be Resolutionaries and will be Home Schooled

Abundance Child

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Any education outside of the home or designed without the governance of the home does not maximize the child’s potential and is a form of parental abandonment and therefore is abuse.

The institution of compulsory education laws are designed as another bondage mechanism to indoctrinate the unknowing into the social , political, and religious boundaries of achieving  goals of the proclaimed ruling society. State agencies are overseers of the “Federal” directives to enforce compliance. The enforcement of  birthright and identity theft, eradication of parental authority and thus the loss of  individual and collective sovereignty have been institutionalized. Teachers are in fact the Change Agents. I have no respect for any of them.

Children are Chattel Property and wards of the Estates of men running the the plantations that make up the worlds most dominant and powerful corporations. They are controlled like a science experiments and regulated.

We are in a State of Emergency. Our children have been systematically chemically neutralized via school lunches, vaccinations, and Ritalin tracking campaigns. Any thinking mother of father would not in their right state of mind subject their children to this planned indoctrination where anything brought for home other than for show and tell will be confiscated. School matrix testing to manipulate the mind reinforces the social political caste system where the masses have no voice and and are dominated by a “talented tenth”. How long will we stand by and allow our investments our children’s status to be purchased?

This fast food, mass produced, inorganic society breeds students to be incompetent worker consumers driven by fear. We can not scream Revolution or better yet Resolution while we send our children to training camps to become agents of the very system we rally against. Domestic Terrorists get on the pulpit with fiery tongues of damnation and plead for Sovereignty while their children are not honing into the intelligence that it will take to sustain even a small scale farming economy. “The real resolutionaries are unschooled and home schooled.” Those children will not be engaging in debates about whether the original man or woman is God. They will have surpassed the God Complex.

Anything else is unnatural. These ADD ADHD bred children do not have the ability to concentrate on the natural directives that they were born with. They have no understanding of divine and innate parental governance because the majority of their day is spent outside of the home with strangers who permanently replace our mores and values with their secondary creation’s manipulation of ours.

The Public School system especially only exists to serve the corporate economy and social order of the Matrix…that is why it is Compulsory education. This is why its stunts our children’s growth decreasing the relativity of instincts and intuition with each grade level and degrees that can mastered in the 101s.

Join Abundance Child, Mahogony Homeshooler, Latyia Brown-El and Zyah El as they board the Unschool Bust to Abundance Child Live this Thursday, December 23, 2010 on This is an open discussion between four sisters from four different walks of life and a commonality of maintaining our status as the First Teachers.

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  • Khadijah Ali
    April 14, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Greetings Sister Abundance Child,

    I am in desperate need of contact information of any of the Brothers in the Philadelphia (Sabir Bey, Taj Tarik Bey , Brother Shyam etc…) area who are proficient at Law. My son is being subject ed to many injustuices so havingthe opportunity to consult with someone ASAP before this tricks snowball any further. would be helpful. him get from under the court systems tricks. PIf anyone else that sees this can assist us, it would be most appreciated.

    Khadijah Ali