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I am an ambassador for my life and my people. I am a professional mother and venture culturalist. I’m about my business. My business is my family and The Divine and National movement of the people misnomered as Black.

I know who we are. We are a Nation, the Chosen but because we do not know this we do not think and act accordingly and thus do not recieve the benefits of Nationaity and Nationhood. It is my mission and ministry to uplift fallen humanity by sharing what I know to be useful to the benefit of Civilization.

Live not For Profit

I am a dediated organizer and teacher with a team that has deep life experience and the functional expertise to manage a  multitude of tasks ranging in complexity and size. I like to keep it simple though. Solutions are key. Everything starts in the home and that is where I am most comfortable so I teach that…Home Eco Management.

Ask Abundance™

I am always excited to recieve new questions for my advice column, Ask Abundance ™ and subject matter for my TV Show and Podcast, Abundance Child Worldwide.  So, shoot me a message even if just to show love.