******Summit of The Moors 2015*****

We need to do more work. We will not allow the Summit to morph into a never-ending conversation or rather meeting of planning, strategizing, sharing, envisioning, dreaming describing, and lastly complaining.

Too much talk not enough action. We refuse to fall into that cycle. We have enough seminars, workshops, conferences etc where we even pay to hear people talk. “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

We need to be more than potential and even momentum. We need to be the kind of action that is kinetic. Active not Passive. We at the Summit of the Moors are focused on our obedience to the community not just content. We had our meetings now we have to take the time to be obedient to our mission and carry out the plan. We realized that we cannot compress ALL of our outreach efforts into bi annual “meetings” as of yet.

We prefer a strategy that depends on our actions and not our words.
Stay Tuned to…
Urban-GeoPonics Blogtalk will be back this Summer.
The work is taking place NOW

Urban Geoponics
Moors Eastside Farms
Seabrooks for City Council
Drop Squad Kitchen
Gatekeepers: Vegan Soup Kitchen
Girl Society/ Order Mother Earth

Diallo Sekou
Abundance Child
Sundiata Ameh El