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Ebo Leri

Yields1 ServingPrep Time30 mins

 Sacred Space
 White Linens (for table cloth and head covering)
 White Dinnerware (Bowl)
 Brown Coconut
 Cool Water
 Coconut Oil
 White Shea Butter
 Cocoa Butter
 Efun (Cascarilla)

A. Consecrate a Clean Space to do the ritual with white candles (tea lights or votives are ok)
B. Chant: Omi Tutu (fresh water), Ona tuti ( to freshen the road) Ile Tutu (to freshen the house), Tutu Esu (to freshen Esu), Tutu Egun (to freshen the Ancestors), Tutu Ajagun (to freshen the warriors), Tutu Gbogbo Orisa to freshen all Orisa) a. Clear glass of water, and white candle (tea lights or votives are fine)


A. Chant Ago Obi 3x/.
B. Crack open the brown coconut and scoop out the flesh.
C. Use the smallest blade of the grater to grate the coconut. Set grated coconut aside into a bowl.
D. Add shea butter, cocoa butter, and efun to the coconut. We will call this the Ibori Mix.


Pray over the Ibori Mix.

It is compulsory to give Iba priorto commencement of rites and prior to serious prayers. It is highly important to chant iba to the orisa for their blessings on the act that is to be performed and for manifestation of all prayers that are to be said. I juba means to give iba. Iba means solemn respect and reverence to higher athorities

I juba (homage)- prayer (sample)

Mo juba Olodumare, Oba a te rere k'aye
(My reverence to the Divine Creator, He who presides over all the universe)
Mo juba Olofin, Olorun
(I salute (praise) one who has soverien rule, Lord of Heaven)
Mo juba gbogbo Iyalorisa, Bablorisa
(I salute all Orisa)
Oluo ara Orun
(Elders who are in Heaven)
Mo juba gbogbo iku nbelese Olodumare
(I salute all the dead that bow at the feet of god)

Mo juba Ori ( I salute my personal head)
Mo juba Egun
(I salute my ancestors)
Mo juba awon Olola isedale mi, nipase awon ti mo gba wa si aiye, laisi yin emi ko le wa
(I salute the honorable ancestors who U am a direct descendant, for without you I would not be)

Olojo oni, mo juba
(Th eowner of this day, I pay hommage)
Ila oorun, mo juba
(The East, I pay hommage)
Iwo oorun, mo juba
(The West, I pay hommage)
Ariwa, mo juba
(The North, I pay hommage)
Guusu, mo juba
(The South, I pay hommage

Akoda, mo juba
(Orunmila's forst student, I pay hommage)
Aseda, mo juba
(Akoda's first stuent, I pay hommage)
Ile, mo juba
(The Earth, I pay hommage)

Modupe, Modupe, Modupe
(Thank you)
Ase, Ase, Ase o. To.
(May it be so. It is done)


Oriki Ori Prayer -

Ori san Mi o, Ori San Mi o, Ori San Mi o (Inner Head guide me)
Ori san igede, Ori san igede, Ori san igede ( Inner Head support me)
Ori ja mi o, Ori ja mi o, Ori ja mi o (Inner head fight for me
Ori otan san mi ki ni owo lowo ( Inner Head support my abundance)
Ori otan san mi ki nkole mole (Inner Head protect my house)
Ori san mi o, Iwa mo pe o. ( Inner Head, my character is thankful)
Ase. ( So be it)


A. Place the mixture on your Ori. Tie head with a white cloth and leave it on over night.
B. Remove the white cloth in the morning.
C. Scoop out the Ebo Leri and do a reaing to ind out where it should be offered.