Moor Obliged

Dear Abundance,

It is 2009 and I would like some answers. No MOOR Games! I would like some viable answers to everyday solutions and I do not want to be told to go out and buy a BLUEPRINT,  MANUAL, CONSULTATION ETC…

Recognizing that I am not Black, not African-American, that I should not be a U.S. Citizen where do I go from HERE? I have a Birth Certificate, Social, Driver’s License, State ID, J-O-B, Children with the same first  two instruments above, they are in U.S. Training Institutions, I own my own business, I have a car, house, bank accounts etc…I am financially astute and able with excellent credit. I would like to be educated on the subject of Discharging Debt  however I am not in NEED of such services at this time.

I have no legal or lawful issues that I am aware of. I am not interested in proclaiming my birthright or correcting my status due to any pressing or urgent situation other than the fact that my people are at WAR!

I am ready to honor my Ancestors, Nature, and I am ready as you say,” to leave the plantation” and I am ready to defend our Honor as a Moorish American.

So, Ms. Abundance…what am I to do? Where am I to go? At least when you are foreign to the United States and you want to become a citizen there is a Naturalization Process. Is there a standard Nationalization Process for Moorish Americans?

Do we have a recognized Body Politic that represents the interests of Moorish Americans? Who is the Authorized, Duly Elected Representative of our Executive Branch? Who is our Barack Obama? Who makes the laws and who passes them? Where are our Courts? Who What is our Flag etc…

Not to say that we need to be exactly like the U.S. but don’t we need to be up to date and up to standard with other recognized nations? I know this is a lot of questions but you said “Ask Abundance”… I am so tired of these conference calls. Should I be tired? Either way sister I look forward to  your response because I know you have the Resume, Network, Passion,  and Ability to  respond and Moor Importantly I know you are “Always for the People”.

Thank You,

Moor Obliged



Greetings Moor Obliged,

Recognizing that you are none of the U.S. Federal Jurisdiction classifications above is like an alcoholic saying, “Hello, my name is so and so and I am an Alcoholic.” You are NOT in denial. Give Thanks. I overstand your frustration in not wanting to purchase your freedom per se…you will however find yourself investing as much if not more into your American Citizenship as you have invested in your U.S. Citizenship. You have clearly been trained on your way to being educated and are a model citizen either way. The choice is yours.

I say this because all of the instruments you have accumulated have essentially enslaved you and your children and turned your inalienable birthright into crimes. By using those instruments we actively participate in their rituals and perpetuate idol god worship of their statues…statutes, codes etc… This is why WE ARE AT WAR…spiritually, mentally, and physically.

What are you to do? Where are you to go? Proclaim your Nationality. Again, the Choice is yours. It is a State of Mind. Once your mind you will be able to exercise your birth right. You will be able to break the spell caste on you and yours and like Dorothy in the Wiz and follow the Yellow Brick Road (you will find you never left home) and then like Neo in the Matrix you will find ZION is here and everything else is colorable and fake like the Matrix.

“Is there a standard Nationalization Process for Moorish Americans?” I look to Black’s Law Dictionary to support my answer of NO.

Nationalization, n. 1. The act of bringing an industry under governmental control or ownership 2.The act of giving a person the status of a citizen.

Unless you are going to subscribe to MEMBERSHIP in an organization that purports to be the GOVERNMENT for MOORISH AMERICANS as a whole you will not find a Standard Nationalization Process. You will only find that organization’s Standard Nationalization Process.

I am not particularly happy with the above answer at this date in space and “time” but it is what it is. We do have a Moorish Divine and National Movement (of the World) that works towards our ancestors and Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s great work and the Liberation of our People.

There are several RECOGNIZED body politics that represent the interests of our people. Recognized by who is the question. Recognized by US first which is primary and many are recognized by the United Nations and the United States which is secondary and not necessarily necessary.

The United Nations has already has told us that they support OUR POSITION as Moorish Americans. Regardless of any declarations made by the United Nations we still have rights. In this movement we are looking for people who are willing to act out our position and live the way of life that their status provides. We do not need to run to the United States or the United Nations and ask them anything. We do not need to apply for their birth certificates, socials, driver’s licenses, marriage licenses in order to operate in commerce etc…We do not need them to hold our hands. We need to command them to do what we need them to do. We are the highest authority in this land and need authorization from no one or entity. We need to operate like so.

We do need to be up to date and up to OUR STANDARDS. Until we do so we will not be able to unify as Moorish Americans to do something as basic as elect and executive official. We will not be able to pull our legislative and judicial sectors together. Everything we need we have or we need to take back. Lease is up. Our courts for example are Consul Courts and they are supported by the U.S. Constitution. The only reasons OUR courts were disbanded in 1956/57 was because we abandoned them. We need a building and we need to stay out of the U.S. Courts and start having our own. We are the people a DIVINE people. We know about Law.

The bottom line RIGHT NOW is we have our Nationality, We  have our Birth Right…we have a flag. It is red with a green 5 pointed star in the middle. LET NO ONE OR NOTHING TAKE THAT FROM YOU.

We did not lose our status overnight and we surely will not get it overnight. Please exercise patience and please do continue to educate yourself in all ways possible…including Conference Calls.

Peace and Abundance